Wildwood Recreation youth arena football scores
January 28, 2019
Mustangs win three in Ocean City-Mainland Weekend
January 28, 2019

Wildwood Recreation youth indoor soccer results

The following are results from recent games played in the Wildwood Recreation youth indoor soccer league:


Italian Affair Pizza & Pasta 7, Crest Financial 5: Angelo Panzini scored four goals in the Italian Affair Pizza and Pasta win. Josiel Lopez, Antonio Panzini and Mario Tenaglia scored a goal apiece. In the Crest Financial loss, Bohdan Osadchuk had 15 saves in goal.

E. Troiano & Sons 6, Alfe’s Restaurant 1: In the E. Troiano and Sons win, Michael Erb scored three goals. Alexander Daniel recorded eight saves and a goal and Joseph Piccio recorded four saves and a goal. Colin James also scored a goal. Jack Kurtz had five saves in the Alfe’s Restaurant loss.


Women of Wildwood Organization 9, DeWeese Law Firm 7: Ryan Troiano and RJ Blanda each scored four goals in the W.O.W. win. Daniele Sanzone scored a goal and Alessandro Sanzone had 22 saves in goal. Tyler Brown and Tyler Dille scored a goal apiece in the DeWeese Law Firm loss.

Crest Savings Bank 4, Morey’s Piers 3: In the Crest Savings Bank win, Jeremiah Bellamy and Rayane Cherifi each scored two goals. Nick Boehm had 14 saves in goal. In the Morey’s Piers loss, Brenden McGrath scored twice and Jimmy Kane added one.