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November 29, 2017
Four from this area are finalists for NJ sports media awards
November 30, 2017

Whom do you think should be in the OCHS Sports Hall of Fame?

The Ocean City High School Sports Hall of Fame is planning to induct new members next fall and is looking for nominations from the public.

If you know of an athlete, coach, team or contributor that you believe merits consideration, print out the form, below, fill it out and send it in.

For an athlete to be eligible, five school years must have completed since he or she last competed.  Coaches must have been retired for five seasons to be eligible.  And five seasons must have passed for a team to be considered.

If you cannot download the form, below, you can obtain a form by emailing Vince Leavey at VLeavey@ocsdnj.org or Tom Williams at TomW@primeevents.net and one will be mailed to you.

The deadline to submit a nomination is February 2, 2018.

Current OCHS Sports Hall of Famers

Tom Adams
Charles Adelizzi
Romeo Adelizzi
Don Barton
Phil Birnbaum
Jen Blizzard
Anne Brinkmann
Leon Brown
Fenton Carey
Ralph Carson
Doug Colman
John Cranston
Pat Dougherty
Bill Fisher
Lisa Foglio
Archie Harris
Dixie Howell
Andy Jernee
Ken Leary
Mike Linahan
Patrick Lynch
Bob McAllister
Kristie Miller
Mike Naples
Jack Neall
Kevin Sinclair
Mike Slaveski
Diane Snow
Stephanie Vanderslice
Abbey Woolley

1932 Football
1954-55 Boys Basketball
1963-64 Boys Basketball
1978-79 Girls Basketball
1984 Football
1988 Girls Cross Country
1994 Girls Track
1996 Football

OCHS HOF Nomination Form